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"Big Yeller" Pain Killer for Boards!

The "Big Yeller" Pain Killer for Boards is the premier source for Pain Boards review. It's a detailed set of notes designed to kill the beast of Pain Boards.

"Big Yeller" separates the wheat from the chaff in Pain Boards review. It's NOT a compendium, nor is it the most comprehensive source for the practice of pain management. But by bringing what you need to study and memorize under one roof, it is the most focused and complete source for Pain Boards preparation. There are many sources for study, but none is as focused upon the topics and information tested by the Board as "Big Yeller" and none is as easy to memorize. Such memorization of a focused central source pays huge dividends in the exam room.

As the examination has become increasingly difficult and failure rates have risen, the need for rigorous focus is paramount. "Big Yeller" achieves this focus. The 25 chapters are based upon hundreds of key words and remembered questions gathered over the past several years.

Most try to read everything and in doing so command nothing. During the exam, the fine details tested are often not remembered and questions "I should have known" or "almost knew" are sometimes missed. "Big Yeller" is focused, commandable, and memorizable and this is its power. By memorizing "Big Yeller" you'll be in a great position to pass Pain Boards.

"Big Yeller" truly is the best PAIN KILLER for Pain Boards.

The Pain PREP Cards are pertinent and focused summaries of the most commonly tested key words upon which the Pain examination is based. Baby Yeller comes in two, small specially made binders which are easy to transport. They are an excellent tool for on-the-go review and study. The Pain PREP Cards are quite extensive in scope, have a larger font for easier reading in darker places (like the OR during ASA cases) and will prove to be an excellent adjunct to Big Yeller, Audio Yeller, and to your overall success in the examination room.

Passing Boards: Pearls, Parables, and Passages for Peak Performance This little book will help you pass Boards. Itís for use in the operating room, late at night, on the go, and in quiet moments; it will complete your mental game. Read More...

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