Passing Boards: Pearls, Parables, and Passages for Peak Performance Please know, Little fRed does not contain a single keyword, not a single question, and the words “Board exam”, “anesthesia”, “key words,” “Miller,” “Barash,” or the like do not appear; if you are looking for a Holy Grail to pass these difficult examinations, look to Big Red, Big Blue, MOCA Blue, Peds Blue, or Big Yeller. These are definitive sources for Board exam study. Memorize them!

Little fRed for Peak Performance has a different role. It’s a collection of words, lines, sayings, aphorisms, recitations, insights, and anecdotes to promote peak performance—yours and mine.

On the one hand it could be argued such a collection of words and thoughts has nothing to do with anesthesia, nor to passing Boards. For some, discussion or coverage of anything outside of anesthesia is undesirable. I respect these people.

On the other hand, at least for some of us, it has everything to do with studying anesthesia in a focused way to pass Boards. For some of us, getting the work done requires some “distractions” for we require separate content to provide context. “Here’s a toast to those who hear me all too well. . .”.

This might be a good description for Little fRed: a small book, perhaps a luxury, not for everyone, providing not direct content to answer nit-picky questions, but rather broad context to fuel the effort needed to prepare to answer such questions.

As has been said, “The will to win is less important than the will to prepare to win.” (Bobby Knight) Little fRed gives many a stronger will to win—including me. As has been further said, “If I had eight hours to cut down a tree, I’d spend six figuring out how to do it.” (A. Lincoln) Because it fuels imagination, Little fRed helps one figure out how to cut down the tree.

The Premier Color Little fRed Book of Daily Recitations, Pearls, Parables, and Passages for Passing Boards has changed my life for the better.

This little book (Little fRed) will help you pass Boards. It’s for use in the operating room, early in the am, late at night, on the go, and in quiet moments; it help greatly to complete your mental game.

Perhaps more than anything else, the great words and lines in this little book--Passing Boards: Pearls, Parables, and Passages for Peak Performance-- help me on a daily basis to find focus, stay positive, do battle with and Beat the Beast of Boards.

The book is approximately 3 X 5 inches, 200 pages in length, with graphics and photographs in color; considerable time and attention has gone into the book.

If you want me to inscribe and sign it, from me to you, I’d be proud to do so. After all, “The highest honor I have attained is having my name linked with yours in these great events.” (Patton)