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NEW PEDS Blue 2nd Edition!

What's new in the 2nd Edition

For the first time, in 2013, the ABA will offer will offer a special certification in pediatric anesthesia. As history has shown with the MOCA, those first in will likely face an exam less rigorous and with higher pass rates than those who follow. And what pediatric anesthesiologist in the USA would not immediately recognize such an examination as hugely validating and valuable to his or her net worth?

To meet the challenge of this examination, Dr. Jensen Board PREP will draw upon it's best-in-the field question database, honed, refined, and tweaked over years to deliver a question-answer testing format of the type many know well (from the Written, MOCA, and Pain Board courses) to beat this Beast. We'll offer a course modeled after the #1 courses now taught for Written-MOCA and Pain certification and re-cet1ification courses.

Further, the # l Board review book in any field, Big Blue, will be tweaked, modified, key-word correlated, and refined to address every single key word released by the ABA and to be used by question writers in constructing the examination; key words, as always, are key to focused study. Obviously, we must play fair, and we will. We must be ethical and above reproach, as we are and have been. But, having said this, I'll use the same resources, persistence, dedication, and practiced hand to summarize complex information which has been successful for many taking anesthesiology Boards of all types over the past 20 plus years. The result will be Peds Blue: Essentials for Pediatric Anesthesiology Boards, scheduled for release in late 2012.

The #1 Boards review courses in anesthesiology coupled with the #1 books can only have one result - a clear cut and decisive competitive advantage for hard-working, dedicated anesthesiologists taking this exam-many of whom know how successful their team becomes when allied with our team. Some ask why? Why take this test? To us as coaches, the answer is simple. First, to have special certifications makes a person more valuable.

Don't find yourself going from educational all-star, one who has greatly benefited from educational armour, to educational nihilist. Think about what has become of those in your high school who once asked, "Why take the SAT?", or those in college who said, "Why not party more and have fun?" or those who said, "Medical school is too long, why take the MCAT?", or those colleagues who asked, "Why become Board certified?"

The simple truth is it doesn't take much questioning or research at all to show that this great country we live in places great value in demonstrations of knowledge and competence. And such will surely be the case here. In fact, after very much thought at all, those who can possibly qualify should rather ask, "What is the very soonest, the earliest I can take this test (so I can separate myself from those who do pediatric anesthesia, but perhaps are less than fully qualified to do so?) So this is the real question­ not if but how soon?

Dr. Jensen Board PREP offers the #1 courses, focused study materials, and coaching for anesthesiologists taking Board exams. You are one of the truly elite in your hospital and community entrusted with some of the sickest patients in one of the most complex and complicated clinical settings in all of medicine-the practice of pediatric anesthesiology. Congratulations! You deserve to feel special, because you are. This certification is a tailor made opportunity to have all that you've worked for validated.

Together, teamed up against the ABA, and facing their challenging examination, we cannot and will not fail. Success is our destiny as we take on and beat another Beast of Boards - the pediatric anesthesiology Board examination.

Thanks again for all of your great friendship and support over the years. Onward to Victory!

-Niels F. Jensen, M.D.

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