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To: "Niels Jensen" <njensen@anesthesiologyboards.com>
Subject: recertification
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 17:00:28 -0400

Dear Niels,

I just got my results for the Re-certification exam and I passed.  I was a bit nervous this time even though I passed my Written Boards during my second year of residency (the in-training exam). 

I have been a Cardiac Anesthesiologist primarily for the last 15 years.  I never thought that I would take the "Writtens" again, but with all the upheaval in payor mix, subsidies and lack of subsidies in Anesthesiology groups it became a must.  I was surprised to learn that many States require that candidates for licensure be certified within 10 years, even though my Board status is forever. 

I read your Big Blue three times, and the exam was not a problem.  I was concerned with the amount of pediatric and neonatal anesthesia that was required since I have not seen a pediatric patient in nearly 17 years. The test seemed weighted towards pediatrics.  I was fortunate that I could "dismiss" many of these questions.  I was glad I read your review because there were many questions on inhalation anesthetics that I have not used in years (Halothane and Ethrane) and old muscle relaxants and sympathomimetics.  I was also amazed at the lack of Cardiac Anesthesia questions (I can only remember 4 in total).  I believe the Recertification Boards would be better served if it was directed at what I actually did everyday at the hospital. 

I actually go to Board review courses every 4 years just to see what is going on and I do the SEE exam every year.  Your Board prep was by far the most concise and accurate study guide for an "Old Guy" like me.  It was well worth the money spent, and I now keep Big Blue in my office for a quick reference when I am on call and come up against something odd.  Don't worry, I am not giving the book to anyone who might be taking the exam, because I believe in "getting paid for hard work".  If anyone asks me, I will refer them directly to your web site.


H. R, M.D.


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