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Big Blue

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Audio Blue

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Baby Blue

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Ranger Blue

Big Blue is a detailed set of notes tightly focused on key words, and old or remembered questions. Home study is crucial to success! You must be working consistently hard at home on a well-focused study program to maximize your performance in the examination room. General reading is important but must be combined with focused study of both topics tested and key words. Big Blue is organized into about 70 separate chapters and provides this focus, bringing under one roof what you need to significantly boost your score and pass the Written examination. Following the presentation of essential information in each chapter are key words from the last several years that pertain to each topic. There are over 500 of the most important, repetitive key words placed in appropriate sections of Big Blue.
Price $560

Sample Chapter from Big Blue

Audio Blue is Big Blue read and discussed by Dr Jensen in audio format, available on 25 CDs or cassettes. Remember how valuable it was to listen to a tape of "Organic Chemistry" as you re-read the class notes? How much was missed initially and then regained through listening? Audio Blue is a companion to Big Blue, allowing you to coordinate time spent reading with time spent listening, all focused on the single goal of making the Written Board exam, when you encounter it, seem familiar.
Price $650

Baby Blue is an adjunct to Big Blue. It covers huge territory in terms of essential facts and concepts that recur year after year on the Written examination. Easy to carry and use in the form of cards in a small zip-up binder, Baby Blue may prove vital to your overall strategy for victory. It is especially useful for on-the-go or last minute review.
Price: $250

Sample Card from Baby Blue

Ranger Blue contains lectures and special topics especially crucial for Written Board preparation. Topics covered include some of the most important, namely Arterial Blood Gas Analysis, Endocrine, Monitoring, Airway-Head and Neck, and Equations. The Lock-n-Load notes and tape (see below) are especially valuable since virtually all are tested on the Written Board examination. Ranger Blue includes six auditory tape cassettes or 6 CDs. Some people are auditory learners and others find the audio tapes allow them to utilize "wasted time", namely driving to and from work.
Price: $250

Lock-n-Load Notes and Tape (Included with Ranger Blue)

Over the past several years a joint committee of the American Board of Anesthesiologists and the American Society of Anesthesiologists have correlated test performance to exam content and released a number of topics to program directors to guide didactic efforts within training programs. These have been tested virtually every year. The Lock-n-Load Notes and Tape compile and analyze these topics in an easy to use format.
Price: $50

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