MOCA Blue is Big Blue specially adapted for the Maintenance of Certification in Anesthesiology (MOCA) exam.  The MOCA exam is a subset of the Written exam and the best window upon it is remembered questions coupled with the MOCA exam keywords released by the Board.  MOCA Blue is closely correlated to these keywords.  MOCA Blue brings under one roof everything you need to excel on the MOCA exam and to maximally benefit from the experience of recertification.

MOCA Blue is several hundred pages in one volume of information pertinent to passing the MOCA examination.  Information is divided into sixty-four separate topics, all correlated to the keywords released by the Board pertaining to the MOCA exam.  For those who used Big Blue for the Written examination, know that the MOCA is adapted from Big Blue with irrelevant information cut-out and other information (not needed in Big Blue and specific to recertification) added.