Stats Pack In the past several years, statistics has played an increasingly prominent role on Boards. Many have never had a formal course in statistics and simply don’t know and cannot easily anticipate the range and depth of knowledge required by the ABA. Sometimes the bleeding can be quite severe. Let the hemorrhage stop—“Stats Pack” is here. In these pages and on this seventy minute CD Dr. Jensen reviews every topic ever known to tested by the ABA on statistics, he explains the relevant concepts in plain English rather than “stat-speakish-ese,” (not to be confused by Tanzan-ese, Kurdish-ese, or Vietnamese), and he reviews a Board-like question on each topic discussed of the very type tested in the past. Sometimes statistics is 2 questions, but it has been 12, as well—too much to ignore if weakness exists. So stop the bleeding and let’s get off the battlefield. Remember: those who work on the hardest on the practice field, bleed the least on the battlefield.”