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Spring, 2021

Niels F. Jensen, M.D.
Dr. Jensen Board PREP: Big Blue Update

Welcome to the "first edition" of the "Big Blue Basic: Just the Basics, for the ABA Basic Board examination".

Please feel free to call me on my cell at 319-321-3701, or write me at njensen@boardprep.com should you have any questions, or just want to talk about Boards. The Big Blue Basic can be ordered on our site at boardprep.com, under "Ordering" and I appreciate greatly you respecting my copyrights.

In January, 2020 the ABA updated the keyword content domains governing its In-training, Basic, and part 1 Advanced Written examinations.

This book, the Big Basic, is an abbreviated off-spring of the 28th edition of Big Blue, which is the most focused one source, the "gold standard" for ABA part 1 Written examination preparation.

Many of you have called for an abridged Big Blue for the Basic exam on the grounds that some of the chapters in Big Blue are fitting for the advanced part 1 examination, but less so for the Basic examination.

These chapters, strong for the Advanced part 1 exam, but less so for the Basic examination, include such topics as Pregnancy, Pediatrics, Thoracic, Rheumatoid Arthritis-Orthopedics-Plastic Surgery, among several others.

Since the key word basis is lacking for these topics, these chapters have been omitted from this Big Blue Basic--in the interest of focus, repetition, and ease of use.

In short, then, for many (busy) resident anesthesiologists who want just the information necessary to beat the ABA Basic examination, "Just the Basics for the Basic examination. . .", this will better meet your needs than the complete Big Blue.

I have discounted the cost of Big Blue Basic. Further, after you pass the Basic exam, you can order the missing chapters from the complete Big Blue which are more fitting for the part 1 Advanced examination for $100. These will be sent as an insert to the Big Blue Basic you will already have.

In summary, in the Big Blue Basic, I have cut out chapters and redundant keywords unnecessary to passing the Basic examination. I'm confident this slimmed down, abridged Big Blue will help you pass the Basic examination in a more efficient way.

I look forward to working with you and helping you pass your Boards. Feel free to call me at any time.

In this spirit, "Onward to Victory!"

Niels F. Jensen, M.D.
Dr. Jensen Board PREP
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