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Dr. Jensen Board PREP Basic-Written-MOCA On-line Testing Center:
"Test with Dr. Jensen. Test with the Best. . ."

-----If you are struggling on the Basic, Advanced Written, Oral, Pain, Peds, or MOCA Exam(s), or you just desire to optimize your time so you can optimize your learning and ultimately performance, the Dr. Jensen PREP On-line Testing Center can dramatically alter your preparation and turn potential defeat in Victory with a question-answer format complete with accompanying sound. (Below I'll cover the Basic, Advanced Written, Oral, Pain, Peds and MOCA exams. A separate dossier will cover the Oral exam, but there will be some mention of that program here.)

-----These tests, taken directly from our live courses (which have benefited literally thousands of people over the years and have been updated on an on-going basis), are not only very good and valid learning experiences designed to help you on this planet's toughest Board exams, namely the ABA exams, but, equally important, they will help you command your Bible central sources, Big Blue, Big Red, Big Yeller, Peds Blue, and MOCA Blue, which have 30 years of focused input from key words, old questions, remembered information, coverage of the more than 300 ABA Knowledge GAPs (missed by more than 50%), and now the ABA MOCA Minutes (the only questions-answers-explanations ever released by the Board). Again, a specific advantage of this information and this format, besides the focus, is the accompaniment of live, edited sound from our courses—the highpoints of our discussions. Sound helps cement information into your synapses sooner and stronger.

-----By testing your central study source command you not only test the progress of your focused, key word COMPREHENSIVE knowledge command, you also test how you are doing toward passing the actual examination.

-----Further, these tests, these questions-answers-sound are of a "major league" variety and the questions asked are the very ones we must hold our own against to pass these exams; these are not "feel good" questions, not "minor league," but are often difficult in nature, and as such provide the best way to prepare for questions on the actual exam which are of similar difficulty; the best way to hit "major league" ABA pitching is to practice against the best simulation of it, which is precisely what's offered. And, again, everything is correlated to the key word content domain(s) released by the Board—which makes the experience unique and valuable for FOCUS is the key.

-----Feedback is both written and audio and the audio component, with sound from the live courses, not only offers vital exam taking tips, but also helps one cement the information being tested into one's synapses sooner and stronger; audio, along with reading the written critiques, is a powerful adjunct to learning and memorization. (With respect to "coaching tips," some want nothing to do with extraneous teaching or studying tips, ". . .just the facts, M'am. . .," but some come to courses for little else, and derive new energy by talking about methods; without being tedious or tiresome, I try my best to strike a balance.)

-----The tests are grouped into those equally appropriate for the Basic, Advanced part 1 Written, and the MOCA examinations, with separate tests for Pediatrics, Pain, and for the Oral exam--- because of their different formats and/or content domains.

-----As further explanation, for the Basic, Advanced part 1, and MOCA the content domains so significantly overlap that people in these categories will all benefit greatly by taking these exams "together." (Bear in mind, the goal of the process of ABA certification is a "progression of knowledge and understanding," just like the ABA maintains, and the great improvement and results produced by the books and courses over the years suggests that each of the several groups served are served effectively and well; the materials and approaches used have been extensively honed, revised, and updated and are time and market tested in the most rigorous arena possible, live courses.

-----All tests posted have been well evaluated at the course, offer valuable information, constitute a valuable experience, and are worth your time and effort; no one test is better than any other test, they are simply different sets of questions, which help a person learn what he or she needs to know to ultimately pass these planet's toughest ABA Board examinations.

-----The Basic-part 1 Written-MOCA testing experience is designed to help you simulate the course and thereby simulate the test itself by offering approximately 90 questions, answers, and explanations in the form of both written and audio answers on each test, as well as important test taking tips exactly as is done at the course and requiring approximately 3-5 hours for each exam. (At the course, each test typically takes 4-5 hours to complete and review, with two tests each day, but sound editing cuts down some time.)

-----Soon, we hope to offer examinations along a similar line for the ABA and ABPM Pain Boards and for the ABA Pediatric subspecialty examinations.

-----For the Advanced part 2 Oral, actual mock Oral exams from the course are presented and an examinee preparing at home one can listen to questions, then respond out loud, before listening to answers and ultimately to the correct/winning answer; the program facilitates learning by promoting both talking, listening, and review of the Big Red information one needs in one's synapses and ultimately on the tip of one's tongue.


To reiterate and explain further, the tests and accompanying live sound from our courses are designed to help you pass Boards by increasing your comprehensive knowledge base of the content domains of the ABA which govern each of these examinations.

Specifically, the tests offered here underline, emphasize, and help one better command the content domains by stressing knowledge and even memorization of our central Bible sources which best attack the examinations through these content domains. This approach is organized and systematic and therefore facilitates learning, which leads to success in the examination room. Our central sources are Big Blue for the Basic and Advanced part 1 Written, MOCA Blue for Re-certification, Big Red for the Advanced part 2 Oral, Big Yeller for Pain, and Peds Blue for the Pediatric sub-specialty examination.

Big Red is the premier tool to study for the Oral and we also intend to offer an increasing number of on-line Oral exams focused and directed to it.

This on-line experience is meant to supplement, support, and re-enforce command of these vital central sources—sources which have proven their worth in leading thousands of anesthesiologists to success on Boards over the past three decades.

To restate, by re-enforcing and supplementing the central sources noted, we are also coming as close in our testing as possible to the actual exams because the sources and the tests are directed at the only five ways one can FOCUS upon Boards—namely through key words, (modified) old Board questions, remembered (keyword) questions, the more than 300 ABA Knowledge GAPs released by the Board (missed by more than 50% of examinees), and the (modified) "MOCA Minutes" which are the only questions-answers-explanations the ABA has ever released; by testing these areas we can more effectively simulate the actual examination (in a fair and ethical and legal way) than any other Q bank of questions-answers-explanations, either in written or on-line form which is available, —bar none.

Sound is used as much as possible to enhance the experience of our tests, the sound coming from actual, live courses which have been taught by Dr. Jensen at various locations throughout the United States over the past several years.

Up to now live courses have been the exclusive venue for our testing program, and many have benefitted. However, others have been left out due to time, costs, and circumstances.

The Dr. Jensen Board PREP On-line Testing Center partnership with Classmarker is designed to simulate the live experience—an experience designed to hammer away at the relevant content domains and thus successfully attack the Beast of Boards.

For many, if not most, focus upon and comprehensive knowledge of the subjects which govern the examinations, subjects covered in the respective content domains, is the key to success; to have the greatest success one must be FOCUSING upon the five areas noted above, and in precisely this way the content domains themselves.

This fact eludes too many for too long, and leads to mediocrity, frustration, and for some, failure itself. We must relentlessly focus upon the content domain(s), and this is precisely the point and purpose of our Bible central sources—Big Blue, Big Red, MOCA Blue, Big Yeller, and Peds Blue.

Too often, good people, once successful students fail the test of comprehensive knowledge and their once powerful study habits which worked throughout high school, college, and medical school devolve into grasping at straws in the form of one question book after another or one on-line Q bank after another where people seek to basically memorize anywhere from 500-3,500 questions and answers, only to discover on exam day that all this time, trouble, expense, and opportunity is lost in a futile, failing effort. What is missing is what always enabled successful students like us to be successful, namely command of core material we were asked to know, material which allowed us to focus on an information database we could apply to different questions to solve underlying problems; often, memorization of question books or Q banks is simply not enough for many as they most often lead to a spotty, non-comprehensive knowledge base.

The simple fact is there are simply no sources which can be memorized and cemented into one's synapses—with 30 years of key word, old question, remembered question, ABA GAPs (topics missed by more than 50% and often repeated), and now the MOCA Minute input—which are anywhere near as good as our focused sources. For that matter, there are no other sources which come close.

This is not to say, there are not excellent comprehensive sources, such as specifically text books, but almost all of these are too voluminous; none have the same degree of laser focus upon the content domains, upon what has been tested, and upon what will likely be tested, in a package, under one roof, one source which is made to be memorized, written to be cemented into your synapses for application to often difficult questions on examination day. Indeed, this is the beauty and power of our Bible central sources—Big Blue, Big Red, MOCA Blue, Big Yeller, and Peds Blue.

The on-line testing experience is not designed to provide another incomplete set of questions and answers for one to feverishly memorize, hoping and praying that in doing so the Board will be beaten. Rather, again, the goal is to help one test the content domains which are attacked in our central sources and thereby APPLY what one is learning to difficult questions, to test and improve the ability to achieve the goal of remembering and extrapolating important information, while facilitating vital repetition of information which very often comes directly from our Bible central sources.

With respect to scoring, our recommendation is to cherish what you don't know. This said, our experience is that if one is scoring consistently above 70% on a first attempt though several of our tests and approximately in the time recommended. . . it bodes very well for eventual success on the actual examination.

For the Oral, one must avoid common "killing" errors of the very type our exams will preview in several frequently tested areas.

Ultimately, these tests allow one to test oneself against the content domain and thus the Board itself, before sitting for the actual examination. In our live courses over the past 30 years and involving several thousand candidates this exercise has proven highly valuable, effective, and many who have previously failed pass the examinations with the input provided.

We aim to simulate what one does and receives at the course. We have adjusted the price downward, and the price will be quite considerably less for our content if the costs of travel are considered.

Otherwise, just as at the course, you will have 4-5 hours for each test, and this includes taking the test and reviewing the answers for each question. Just as at the live course where one leaves with detailed written answers, but not the questions themselves, the week after you take a test you will receive detailed, written answers but not the questions themselves in the mail.

For written exams we urge you to do what is done at the course, namely work first in the "testing mode," where just the questions will be asked. Time yourself, and stick to the 1.2 minutes the ABA provides as a good guide for your time management skills.

Get through the entire test, and then move to the "question-answer-sound," mode and review and listen to the answers while scoring yourself. Be in tune especially to information which comes directly from your central source Bible texts, and mark with paper clips any areas you miss directly from these sources for special attention and study. Identify what you missed, review the information, which, again, is often directly out of your central source, and figure out if a missed question is a knowledge problem, a reading problem, an interpretive problem, or some problem with analysis of the question and/or answers. Most often, the issue is simply lack of incomplete, solid knowledge. Again, to restate and underline, identify especially well areas you need to return to in your central source so better understanding/memorization of the focused information you must command can be carried out in your subsequent study.

For the Oral, we recommend you begin just as at the course, specifically by outlining the stem question in the ways recommended in Big Red and Ranger Red. Then read and listen to the question, formulate and answer out loud and on your own before listening to the answer offered by a candidate at the course. Complete the test, and then listen to and review the correct answers—just as at the course.

In summary, with the on-line experience the most focused and integrated program has become more so, and we expect continued great success as we go about achieving as efficiently as possible exactly what the ABA desires, a comprehensive, full, and complete knowledge and understanding of the content domains for these often difficult ABA Board exams.

If this is done, as thousands have found, the Beast of Boards can be beaten.

In this spirit, "Onward to Victory!"

Niels F. Jensen, M.D.
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